Opinion: Court gets it right in striking down Iowa ag-gag law

At some farming operation in Iowa animal activists may legally be running an undercover sting operation to reveal inhuman treatment of animals. That’s because last month the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, and senior Judge James Gritzner, threw out a 2012 Iowa law that made it a crime for people to gain access to agricultural facilities by “false pretense.”

Opinion: Will courts redefine CAFO operations?

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations have been around a long, long, long time. Ironically the CAFO may own its invention to a shipping mistake. Back in 1923, Ocean View, Sussex County, Delaware, red-haired farmer’s wife Cecile Long Steele needed 50 chicks for egg production.  She ordered the birds from Vernon Steen’s Dagboro hatchery. Well, there must had been something wrong with Steen’s eyes because he sent Cecile not 50 but 500 chicks. Instead of sending the birds back Cecile built a shed and raised the chicks indoors, eventually selling 387 birds that survived conditions in the coop for 62 cents a pound.