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The Minnesota-based agribusiness Cargill Inc. is the largest privately held company in the United States in terms of revenue.

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services throughout several different countries. Its several branches include sections on beef, animal feed, turkey, oils, salt, sweetener and sauces.

In addition to those, the company maintains an extensive transportation network.

Overall, Cargill has about 150,000 employees in 70 countries.

The company was founded in 1865.

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Key financial highlights

2015 net earnings: $1.6 billion

2015 revenue: $120.4 billion

2014 net earnings: $1.9 billion

2014 revenue: $134.9 billion

2013 net earnings: $2.31 billion

2013 revenue: $136.7 billion

Data source: Company financial releases

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Lobbying activity

2015 lobbying expenditures: $960,000

2015 lobbying interests included:

Avian influenza; Biodiesel; Biotechnology; CFTC reauthorization; Grain standards reauthorization; Mandatory Price Reporting

Biofuels Policy & Market Reports; Energy Policy; CHP; Clean Power; Renewable Energy

NAAQS; Climate; Clean Water Act; Waters of the United States

Country of Origin Labeling; Food Safety; Food Additives; Food Labeling; Dietary Recommendations; Nutrition Programs; Cocoa — Consumptive Demand; Food Aid; Food Security

Brazil; Iraq; Cuba; Egypt; Ukraine; Russia; Honduras; Nicaragua; Costa Rica; China; Indonesia; Vietnam; Myanmar; India; New Zealand; Romania

Federal Contractor Regulations; OFCCP; APEC; TPP; Trade agreements; Sanctions; Latin America investment issues; China animal protein

Positive Train Control; STB Reauthorization; Highway Bill; Rail and water

Immigration Reform

Patent Reform

Biodiesel Tax Credit

ACA Excise Tax

2014 lobbying expenditures: $1.26 million

2014 lobbying interests included:

Dodd-Frank legislation and rulemaking; CFTC Redistributon; Biotechnology; Biobased Products; Renewable Fuels Standards; CHP; Energy issues

Sustainability; Climate; TSCA, ESA and CWA; Waters of the US

FSMA Funding & Implementation; Partially Hydrogenized Vegetable Oil Rulemaking; Country of Origin Labeling; Food Safety Issues; Food Additive regulations; Nutrition Labeling; Pathogen Regulation; Antibiotics (Guidance 213, VFD); Food Labeling

Brazil; South America; Cuba; Russia/Ukraine; Iraq; Iran; Egypt; Romania; Bangladesh; India; Africa Growth and Opportunities Act; Food Security

Tax Reform/Extenders; Biodiesel Tax Credit; 954(c)(6)

TPP; US-China BIT; US-China S&ED; APEC; Trade Agreements; Sanctions

Rail transportation safety

Labor Issues

Affordable Care Act

Immigration Reform

Patent reform

2013 lobbying expenditures: $1.4 million

2013 lobbying interests included:

Dodd-Frank Implementation ; Farm Bill policy; Biotech

Renewable Fuels Standards; Biofuels; Environment Issues; Sustainability; Climate; TSCA

FSMA Implementation; SNAP restrictions; Partially Hydrogenized Vegetable Oil Rulemaking; GRAS Policy
Country of Origin Labeling; Food Safety Issues; Child Nutrition Programs; GMO Labeling; Nutrition Labeling; Nutrition Regulations – other (sodium, whole grains, etc); Business updates — Ardent Mills JV; Pathogen Regulation; School Meals Participation; Cocoa

Africa Growth and Opportunities Act; Africa — overall relations; China; Vietnam; Indonesia; Myanmar; APEC; Ukraine; Iraq; Brazil

Tax Reform

TPP; Sanctions; Latin America Investment & Trade; Africa Investment & Trade; Beef & Pork Market Access

Water Resource Development Act

General Labor Issues; OFCCP

Affordable Care Act

Immigration Reform; E-Verify

FR3 — Rural Utilities Services

Data source: Senate lobbying disclosure database

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 USA spending quick stats

Each year, the United States government hands out billions of dollars’ worth of government contracts, grants, subsidies and loans. A large portion of these federal dollars go to top agribusiness companies, such Cargill. Click on a year for more detailed information.

A Cargill plant in Gibson City, Ill., on Feb. 27, 2015.

Photo by Darrell Hoemann/Big Ag Watch

A Cargill plant in Gibson City, Ill., on Feb. 27, 2015.

2015 total funds awarded: $40 million by 34 transactions

No. 1 awarding agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture

2014 total funds awarded: $89 million by 114 transactions

No. 1 awarding agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture

2013 total funds awarded: $139.2 million by 72 transactions

No. 1 awarding agency: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Data source:

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Annual reports

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