Opinion: Supreme Court mulling whether to take on Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine (they shouldn’t)

Given the friendly signals the new Trump White House has been sending corporations across the U. S. since last November, it had to be reasonable for the executives of Quality Egg LLC, to believe with a new sheriff in town the Responsible Corporate Office doctrine would be abolished and they would skirt jail time.
But, as Dave Dickey writes, the two men behind who plead guilty to selling contaminated eggs that led to a nationwide Salmonella outbreak in 2010 and to the largest recall of shell eggs in U.S. history should take their lumps, serve the three month jail sentence and become the poster CEOs for any other corporation’s chief that thinks cutting corners in the workplace is OK.

Opinion: POTUS just declared war on U.S. Ag

The ag industry may find itself collateral damage of President Donald Trump’s expanded war on undocumented immigrants, writes Big-AgWatch.org’s Dave Dickey in his latest column. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly signed a pair of sweeping memos this week that would turbocharge federal authority efforts to round up and deport undocumented immigrants.