Opinion: Big Ag coming up short on data ethics

When it comes to protecting sensitive farmer crop data, farm equipment and software makers —including DuPont, Monsanto’s The Climate Corporation, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Syngenta, and John Deere — have thus far have certainly talked the talked but haven’t been as successful in walking the walk, writes Dave Dickey.

Opinion: Proceed cautiously on new bird flu experiments

There has been some devastating avian influenza (bird flu) outbreaks in the U.S. in recent years. This includes the first outbreak of bird flu this year at a Tyson-contracted farm in Tennessee in March. Tyson is the largest chicken meat producer in the U.S. As Dave Dickey writes, researchers should be cautious.

Migrant farm workers file class action lawsuit against Monsanto

A federal class action lawsuit on behalf of two migrant farm workers was filed in federal court last week accusing Monsanto of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Agricultural Workers Protection Act in its treatment of farmworkers who help produce seed corn.